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SoHo pleased to present the SoHo Services. As luxury perk of living at the SoHo building is getting exclusive services on site.

The following businesses have given residents exclusive access to come to you to provide their service.

How to book an appointment details will be provided below. Please let us know if you ever have a service you would like us to provide!

Dry Cleaning: Apple Cleaners

Pick Up a Dry Cleaning Bag from the

Leasing Office to get started!

Call: (314) 479-2086


Barber: VTOficial

Onsite Haircuts $40, Eye Brow Shaping $10

Text or Call:  (270) 727-4240

Massage Therapist: Art of Healing

To Book Appointment

Click Here

Car Detailing: Exotic Mobile Detailing

Certified Nurse Injector

Call 636-698-5284

For More Information

Esthetician: Aesthetics On Wheels

Wellness Coach:


1:1 sound sessions are $125 (reg. priced $175) and $50 for stretch sessions (reg. priced $75).


Coming Soon!

A U G U S T 2 0 2 2 , I S S U E 1 V O L . 1

Lux Living Resident Services

St. Louis Business Owners

We are excited to announce our resident LuxLiving Services. We will provide our
residents with the best services in St. Louis. LuxLiving is dedicated to help
connect our residents to the best experiences in St. Louis. The LuxLiving Services will feature St. Louis businesses that will be able to provide those services onsite at our building.

Between our 4 luxury apartment properties SoHo, Chelsea, Hudson and Coming 2023 Mckenzie there will be 892 units and approximately 1000-1500
residents that will use these exclusive services.





We would love to feature your business through our services. For this feature there is no fee. We would like to cross promote our brands on both parties social media / marketing with your participation. Residents will book your services through your website, and connect directly with you.

We would love your participation in helping our community grow.
If you have any questions/concerns. Please contact Cassidy at
If you would like to join our onsite Services, please provide your details here: