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SoHo has been meticulously crafted with the sole aim of delivering an unparalleled resident experience, making it a place you’ll never want to leave. By merging the essence of the world’s most coveted group experiences with globally inspired architectural grandeur, we have curated an offering that truly stands unrivaled in the Midwest. Every element of SoHo is engineered to immerse you in a world of luxury and engagement, creating a living experience that is second to none.


Vacation from the comfort of your own home at SoHo’s pool. Catch some rays at the resort-style pool deck.

  • Resort-Style Pool & Hot Tub
  • Poolside Bar
  • Chaise Lounges and Cabanas
  • TVs with Sectionals and Speakers
  • Yard Games
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Are you drawn to dynamic atmospheres? Discover the captivating pulse of the city at the SoHo Sound Lounge, home to the most compelling and rhythm-filled experiences. If you’re feeling bold, gather your friends, seize the spotlight, and share your flair with everyone on our performance platform!

  • Performance Stage
  • Massive Projector Screen
  • State of the Art Sound System
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Perfect your 3-point shot or hop into a pickup game at the convenience of your own home. With a custom sneaker wall, you will be hooping in the most stylish court in town.

  • Sneaker Wall
  • Half Court
  • TVs and Speakers
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Knock some pins and make some ever-lasting mems with friends at the SoHo Bowling Alley. TVs will keep you entertained whether you’re bowling or not.

  • Double Lane Bowling Alley
  • Interactive Projector Screen
  • TVs Everywhere
  • Dartboards 
  • Dance Dance Revolution, Buck Hunter & more
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The +5000 sq ft fitness center will be the #1 place to get a sweat in STL. Whether you are trying to pump some iron, be personally trained by a Mirror, or step into an actual boxing ring… SoHo will have it all!

  • Mirror, Fitness on Demand & Woodway Treadmills, Smart Cardio 
  • Full-size Boxing Ring
  • Hydromassage Chairs, Hammam Spa & Float Pods for Recovery
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The days of sweating over your package delivery are over. You’ll never need to obsess over your tracking codes again with Luxor One, our smart package locker system that keeps your items stored safely.

  • 100% Package Acceptance
  • Oversized Packages
  • Outbound Shipping & Returns
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Work from home at the highest level at the WeWork Business Center. Complete with computers, free printers, and ample table space, you’ll be more productive and less distracted than ever before.

  • Free Printing
  • Private Conference Room with TV
  • USB Outlets at Every Seat
  • Custom seating sections letting you work how you want to
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VIP Home Upgrades

Luxury Kitchen at SoHo in St Louis, MO

You will be living like urban royalty with your premiuem kitchen hood, rain shower, toe lighting, built in speakers, Samsung smart fridge. This is the pinnacle of luxury living in Saint Louis.

Built in speakers

With built-in speakers in your unit, you have the perfect placement for your sound from the first moment you walk into your new home.

Smart home technology

With all the high-tech assets pre-installed, you’ll barely have to lift a finger in your new apartment. From a smart lock and built-in USB outlets to a Nest programmable thermostat, you can rest assured your Smart Home will keep you comfortable and fully charged. For everything else, there’s Alexa!

High-speed Fiber Wi-Fi

Never again will you experience the hassle of having to sign up for an internet or cable package; in your SOHO apartment, high-speed Wi-Fi and premium cable are already available for your convenience.

Stunning Kitchens

Luxury Kitchen at SoHo in St Louis, MO

With a kitchen this modern, you might actually use those gadgets and utensils you’ve been storing away. Stainless steel appliances, quartz and marble countertops, and top-of-the-line finishings make the kitchen the true heart of your apartment.